Typical product range

Size Range (millimetres)

Product Name Typical Applications
-0.60 Fine sand A Grout; tile adhesive; hand cleaner
-1.00 Fine Sand B Roof tiles; foundry moulds; fertilizer

0.6 – 1.20 (0.7)

Filter sand A Roof tiles; water filters; water purification; swimming pool filters; sand blasting

0.6 – 1.50 (0.95)

Filter sand B Floor tiles; swimming pool filters; beach and playpen sand; Astroturf and synthetic athletic track substrate
1.20 – 2.40 Filler sand A Foundry moulds; water purification; aquariums
2.40 – 4.80 Filler sand B Fertilizer; Koi ponds; waste water purification
-3.00 River sand Slimes dam filtration; building and construction; sandpits
5.00 – 7.00 Coarse sand Waste water purification; drilling mud; building and construction
13.00 – 19.00 Crusher stone Landscaping; construction

Product size range characteristics:

More details can be provided to clients on request.  We would also be happy to discuss our product ranges and characteristics with clients.

Product supply:
We supply our products as follows:

  1. 20 kg bags
  2. 40 kg bags
  3. 1 tonne bags
  4. Bulk supply by arrangement of the client

Size Frequency Analyses of Typical Maxima Silica Products (click here)


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